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Since 1987, Kooka Brotha’s has been producing premium, natural cakes, desserts and now savouries from some of the best ingredients in the world. They are in the business of making your catering as simple and convenient as possible and our range of innovative products have often changed the way our customers work. The Kooka Brotha's Company is trusted and relied upon by cafes, catering firms, hotel chains, restaurants, institutions and event managers throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

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The time honoured traditional favourite that no-one can resist, dense sticky date pudding with lashings of luscious butterscotch sauce. This is something that will blow your customers away! Also comes individually portioned for your convenience.

Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce

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Smooth, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownie slice with chopped walnuts finished with a light dusting of icing sugar. This is a crowd favourite for Kooka Brotha's and for good reason. You can also get this as an unsliced tray cake made without nuts.

Chocolate Brownie Slice

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Three layers of classic chocolate sponge soaked with 'Kirsch' flavoured syrup assembled and coated with layers of fresh whipped cream. Decorated with cream rosettes and white & dark chocolate marbled shavings. Comes pre-cut into 16 portions.

Black Forest Gateaux

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A finger food tray of cocktail frittatas: Roast Vegetable & Grilled Capsicum, Egg & Bacon, & Smoked Salmon & Sun-Dried Tomatoes Frittata. Great finger food everyone can enjoy.

Cocktail Frittatas (mixed)

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"We only make products gluten-free if they look and taste as good, or better, than if made with gluten." - Phil, Director and Co-founder at Kooka Brotha's

Gluten-free not taste-free

Kooka Brotha's takes a laboured with love approach to the creation of their products where they don't use 'pre-mixes' and instead have a 'from scratch' mentality. They are confident you will taste the difference.

High-quality Hand-made desserts

Kooka Brotha's has been producing premium, natural cakes, desserts and now savourites from some of the best ingredients in the world since 1987.

Celebrating 30 years Australian made & owned

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