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Monde Nissin Australia is the brilliant coming together of three family businesses that joined the global Monde Nissin family in 2014. Originally founded in the Philippines, Monde Nissin Corporation has been in the food business for over 35 years. To date, they sell brands in over 45 countries. Monde Nissin own some of australia’s favourite brands across grocery, frozen and chilled. These brands are: Nudie, Black Swan, Peckish, Wattle valley, and Quorn.

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The Peckish Rice Crackers comes in many different flavours and can be used in a variety of dishes. Perfect for caterers and appetisers.

Peckish Rice Crackers

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A crowd favourite from Black Swan's everyday classic range, this dip goes well with pretty much everything. Made with market inspired flavours and ingredients, this dip conveys Black Swan's passion for flavour.

Hommus Dip

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This super smooth cheese is subtle yet flavourful. Perfect as a dip or to be enjoyed in sandwiches or on crackers.

Triple Cream Brie

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With many different Australian businesses coming under the Monde Nissin brand, their own histories and experiences have come together to push the boundaries of Australian food even further.

Different Australian heritages together as one

With so many different brands, Monde Nissin is able to offer a large range of products. With each of these products having their own specific brand, Monde Nissin can give you the options with all of the expertise that comes from specialising.

Diverse range, many specialities

Monde Nissin has many different brands under its name that many Australians will recognise due to their strong retail presence. Monde Nissin brands are some that Australians have  come to know and love.

Well-known Brands

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