Casa Della Pasta

Casa Della Pasta was found in 1986 and the business has grown from its humble beginnings into one of Australasia's leading producers of fresh pasta, gnocchi and pasta sauce products. In its early days, the company was only producing small quantities of gourmet pasta, using hand operated pasta machines, in a little shop in East Brunswick, Victoria. Today, CDP operates from an expansive contemporary production facility in Fawkner, Victoria and continues to proudly make on modern, primarily Italian-made equipment, high quality products which they aim to be as good as those made by hand.


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The Gnocchi at Casa Della Pasta is the crowd favourite by far, and for good reason! Made with 100% fresh potato cooked, mashed and blended with egg, butter, flour & spices, the quality is something everyone will taste on the first bite. Traditional and pumpkin varieties also available.


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The Cannelloni is another crowd-pleaser made with fresh farmer's ricotta blended with spinach, herbs & spices wrapped in egg pasta. Get it in a small size or a big size, it is easy to use, just add sauce and cheese to create a perfect pasta bake jam-packed with flavour.  


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The Tortellini comes in many different varieties, with both meat and vegetable options. Are you the type to prefer fresh prime beef braised with carrots, onions and celery, or do you prefer the taste of roasted chicken and garlic, or even the taste and texture of ricotta blended with spinach? Whichever you prefer, aged parmesan cheese is added to all to create a beautiful blend of flavour with every bite.  


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Similar to the Tortellini, the Ravioli can come with many different fillings. Also available with Braised Beef and Ricotta & Spinach, you can also get your Ravioli with Roast Pumpkin & Mascarpone. It contains pumpkin and butternut puree blended with Italian style Mascarpone cheese, brown sugar, and fresh cracked pepper.  


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Casa Della Pasta and Grand italian are both brands made by the same business, 7chefs, and are well-known by restaurants and households alike.

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Casa Della Pasta is constantly investing in and improving their production techniques, ensuring the finest quality pasta made from the freshest ingredients.

Dedication to Improvement

Casa Della Pasta has always been a privately owned 100% Australian business that continues to support manufacturing in Australia by sourcing ingredients locally wherever possible.

Australian made & owned

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