Since 2007 the Bone Roasters mission has been to produce premium quality stocks and stock reductions that offer consistency, the finest ingredients and are cost effective for their customers. The complete range of Bone Roasters products are produced using real bones and only the very best ingredients, ensuring our products maintain an extremely high standard of quality. Cooked in traditional open kettles, their products are made with care and attention to detail. Their products are slowly simmered ensuring the maximum amount of real flavour is absorbed from each of the ingredients, resulting in an intense taste profile and natural product colour.

A succulent steak with Bone Roaster's Jus on top as sauce.
Soft Lamb Shanks in a soup made with Bone Roaster's stock.

Bone Roasters

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The retail packaging for Red Wine Jus.

Made from a combination of the Bone Roaster's red wine reduction and 25 Brix Veal Jus, this serves as both a great base and a great sauce. You are likely to find this Red Wine Jus in fine-dining or any restaurant that prides itself on taste and quality.

Red Wine Jus

The retail packaging for Veal Stock.

This Bone Roaster's Veal Stock is classically crafted, slowly simmered then filtered to create a clean & clear stock. Ideal for braising, soups or your own sauces. You are sure to find this in the pantry of hotels, Airlines and fine-dining establishments alike.

Veal Stock

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Creating your own stock and reductions can be a very time consuming task, so chefs all over the world trust Bone Roasters to give them the quality and consistency they need without any of the time invested.


The Bone Roasters range offers superior products combined with real consistency that is needed for a busy kitchen, ensuring you can rely on the same high quality outcome each and every time.

Quality and Consistency

Bone Roaster's products all have a shelf life of 18 months, meaning what you don't use now can be used later when it's needed.

Long Shelf Life

Reasons to choose Bone Roasters

Download the Bone Roasters Foodservice Catalogue