Luxfoods, July 6 2021

The Busselton Roadshow

At the beginning of June, the Luxfoods team travelled douth for the Busselton Roadshow. Bringing an assortment of samples to the show, we offered patrons of the event some of our delicious foods to nibble on. We love events like this, where we get to meet new people and have a chat with some old friends. Luxfoods has been to plenty of food shows and conventions in the past and you can definitely expect to see us at many more in the future.

The samples we Offered at the Show

Here all the samples we brought down with us for the show. Can you find them all in the photos below?

Edlyn Friand Mix
Edlyn Rich Brown Gravy
Edlyn Beef flavoured Booster
Edlyn Golden Syrup
Edlyn Orange Smart Cordial
Bone Roasters Chicken Stock
Bone Roasters Veal Jus
Bone Roasters Red Wine Jus
Wood's Cranberry Sauce
Wood's Vegan Mayonnaise
Wood's Roasted 1kg Squeeze Bottle Garlic Aioli
Wood's Roasted 1kg Squeeze Bottle Vegan Mayonnaise
Wood's Roasted 1kg Squeeze Bottle Thick Egg Mayonnaise
Farm Frites Seasoned Wedges
Gardein Crispy Fishless Filets
Kooka Brotha's Peppermint slices
Kooka Brotha's Blueberry Cheesecake
Kooka Brotha's citrus tartlet
Kooka Brotha's Choc brownie
Kooka Brotha's Lemon Meringue Tart
Kooka Brotha's Coconut Bush Plum Slice
Casa Della Pasta Ravioli
Casa Della Pasta Gnocchi


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